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Why take a MTB- training course?
As with any sport, it is important to have a solid foundation. In many sports you take classes (or learn at school) but the last bike lesson most people had was with when their parents first taught them how to ride a bike. When you buy a mountain bike you are looking for adventure, but many people find the technique of riding both uphill and downhill and also riding in the right gear, is harder than they expected.

To have fun riding (and be safe) it is important to have a proper base of skills.

Which course should I take?

Mikey’s Bike Adventures offers different kinds of training in:

  • X-Country
  • Freeride
  • Downhill

For X-Country there are 4 levels:

Level 1- Beginner
Level 2- Intermediate
Level 3- Experienced
Level 4- Expert

Each training has its own location with a special track. All techniques are explained step by step. In a relaxed way with enough practice time so you get confident in all techniques and push your boundaries further and further. Give your skills a boost!

Go to the menu left on the website to the specific training.


For Freeride and Downhill we offer 2 levels:

For Freeride beginners: “Mikey’s Special 1”
Step by step we show you all the basic skills of freeriding.

“Mikey’s Special 1” is in Maasmechelen (Belgium)

For the advanced Freerider and Downhiller we offer: “Mikey’s Special 2”
“Mikey’s Special 2” is at the track Ferme Libert, Malmedy (Belgian Ardennes)

Also by these training sessions exercises will be explained step-by-step with a progressive build up.


Go to the menu left on the website to the specific training.



For trainings outside of the Netherlands, each participant must have their own travel insurance. Each course is taken at own risk.

Reminder form Mikey:
At each training, safety comes first. You will never do something you are not comfortable with.

Important Reminder:
At each training we give attention not only to show you the right skill, we make you more aware of the correct adjustment of the bike.

We will also show you:

  1. Correct adjustment of your steering
  2. Correct suspension set up
  3. Correct tyre pressure
  4. Correct sitting position


Mikey’s Workshop 'the Art of Maintenance'

Mikey’s Bike Adventures offers you a real work shop to keep your bike in top condition. We will show you how to maintain your bike. All the practical tips: how to clean your bike after a mud ride, how to replace the brake pads, adjust your gears etc.

Go to the menu left on the website to the specific training. If you’re not sure which level is best for you, email Mikey and he will advise you which level to follow.








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