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Mikey Who?

Mikey is a mountain biker in heart and soul!

In the late 80’s, a 15 year old mini-Mikey score his first bike: an old school mountain bike with a rigid fork - he was instantly in love.

Almost every weekend was spent with his brother and a group of friends tearing up the hills of Limburg and the Belgian Ardennes. Tours of 90km were no exception.

After seeing the pro’s at the 1990 cross country World Cup in Houfalize (Belgium), Mikey was also keen to compete. He had early success with 1st place in the fun class mountain bike competition in Landgraaf (South Limburg) prompted him to get a licence to enter semi-pro competitions with Discovery mountain bike club. Some good results followed, namely 3rd in the National Champs and 1st in the Shimano overall ranking.

After those results he had an invitation from the national selection and raced at the European Champs and the World Champs in 1993.

Around this time Mikey was getting more and more interested in Downhill, Dual Slalom and Trail. After competing at the European Downhill Champs in ’94, the World champs in ’95 and coming 6th place at the National Championships in 2000, he has become a true all round biker.

After that Mikey worked several years as main instructor at ROCCA outdoor climbing centre in Gulpen. He also studied outdoor sports for 1 year at Cios in Sittard.

All these experiences and knowledge inspired him to start his own company “Mikeys Bike Adventures.” Mikey’s goal is to pass on his passion and experience to teach bikers in a professional but relaxed way.


Share the passion….

Live your life...
it's too short to waste!


Mikey (Maichel Lemmens)


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